The Ryan White Part A HIC Program

As a LVTGA consumer, why YOU should care about this health insurance co-pay and deductible program and how YOU can request it!


  • The Ryan White Part A (RWPA)-Health Insurance Continuation (HIC) program can assist you with the insurance co-pays or deductibles related to your HIV medical care.


What does RWPA-HIC PROGRAM cover?

  • The RWPA-HIC program covers co-pays from physician or laboratory visits after your health insurance has paid.


Who is qualified for the RWPA—HIC program?

  • RWPA-HIC clients must be currently enrolled in the Las Vegas TGA Ryan White Part A Program and have public or private health insurance. Health insurance coverage is usually Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance from your employer or the Marketplace. Clients who are uninsured are not eligible for Ryan White Part A-HIC assistance.


How do you request RWPA-HIC co-pay and deductible assistance?

  • After your physician or laboratory visit and after your health insurance company has paid, bring the invoice showing the amount you owe and the amount covered by your insurance company to your Medical Case Manager.  Your Medical Case Manager will submit a referral for payment of the co-pay/deductible amount.


Here are some other important things to know about RWPA-HIC:

  •  RWPA-HIC clients must show documentation of prior payment by their health insurance.
  •  RWPA-HIC clients must provide an invoice indicating the remaining laboratory or physician visit balance.
  •  The Ryan White Part A Program cannot pay for late fees or bills that are in collections.
  •  The Ryan White Part A Program cannot directly reimburse or make direct payments to RWPA-HIC clients under any circumstance.



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