Finding Quality Healthcare for Uninsured Individuals in Las Vegas, Nevada

Everyone is welcome at our health centers and we offer a sliding scale of rates for uninsured patients based on family income. For 16 years, Community Health Alliance (formerly HAWC) has been providing quality medical and dental care to people deprived of their medical rights in Northern Nevada. Nevada Health Link Marketplace allows individuals and small businesses to find affordable coverage in Nevada. The mostly volunteer-staffed clinic provides primary, preventive and acute care, newborn checkups, vaccines, diagnostic tests, cancer screening, health education, pharmacy services and more to residents of Southern Nevada who live at 200 percent or less of the poverty level, are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, and cannot get affordable health insurance coverage.

If you're looking for help in Nevada, the Nevada 211 app is a free and easy way to locate and connect to thousands of resources near you. Nevada Health Link is available through the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, the official site of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange. Programs that provide information about health care services, counseling, and services related to cancer treatment and detection. Finding a health center near you is the first step in getting access to quality healthcare. With the Nevada 211 app, you can easily search for services like housing, education, food, healthcare, and more.

Just enter your zip code or enable location services in the app and you're ready to start looking for resources. Nevada Health Centers operates six clinics in Clark County with a sliding fee scale based on family income. Medicaid managed care plans contract with the state of Nevada to provide health care services to people who qualify. At the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, an extraordinary oasis located about 90 kilometers west of Las Vegas, turquoise pools and sparkling electric blue puppyfish stand out. In conclusion, there are many resources available for uninsured individuals in Las Vegas, Nevada. From health centers offering sliding fee scales based on family income to Medicaid managed care plans that provide health care services to those who qualify.

The Nevada 211 app is also a great resource for finding services like housing, education, food, healthcare, and more. With all these options available, uninsured individuals in Las Vegas can get access to quality healthcare.

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