What Types of Healthcare Services are Available in Las Vegas, Nevada?

At Nevada Health Centers, we believe that everyone should have access to quality medical and dental care, regardless of their location or financial situation. That's why we offer more than 16 health centers across the state, with sliding scale rates for uninsured patients based on family income. The Valley Health System (VHS) GME Consortium provides Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and the Year of Transition programs. This system is comprised of six intensive care hospitals, four separate emergency departments, and numerous primary and specialty care centers in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS) also offers medical assistance through several programs for individuals and families. For those looking for comprehensive health care in Southern Nevada, Summerlin Hospital is a great option. This first-rate hospital is equipped with the latest medical technology and a team of highly trained healthcare professionals. North Vista Hospital is also committed to providing high-quality care in a friendly hospital environment.

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